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Stbl with an embedded commenting section from IntenseDebate

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Many bloggers want comments in their blogs, to make it easy to interact with readers. One popular commenting platform is IntenseDebate.

Stbl offers a simple integration with IntenseDebate.

In order to enable it, log on to IntenseDebate, Select Generic Install, and copy your account id from the idcomments_acct variable declaration in the javascript snippet IntenseDebate asks you to embed in your page to the intensedebate/acct configuration setting for your site.

comments {
    intensedebate {
        acct "your-account-id"
        template intensedebate.html

    default intensedebate

When will the comments be enabled?

If you set the comments/default value to intensedebate, comments will appear on all articles, unless you override the default in the header-section of the article.

comments: no

If you don't set a default commenting system, you can enable IntenseDebate for individual articles by setting:

comments: intensedebate

Why IntenseDebate?

IntenseDebate is a free service from the company behind Wordpress, Automattic. They know how to fight comment-spam. The company also look like a great place to work, one of those rare places where people are treated really well, and everything is about making the best products in their niches. I like that. If I was looking for a regular job, Automattic would be among the very first companies I would approach.

IntenseDebate looks really nice, and that's why I add native support for it in stbl.


On this page I have enabled IntenseDebate, just to show to you how it looks in an article generated by stbl.