Jarle Aase

Stbl with an embedded commenting section from Disqus

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Many bloggers want comments in their blogs, to make it easy to interact with readers. One popular commenting platform is Disqus.

Stbl offers a simple integration with Disqus.

In order to enable it, log on to Disqus, create a new site, select Universal Code as your platform. Then uncomment the disqus section in stbl.conf and copy the url from the s.src line in the javascript snippet Disqus suggest that you place in your page and you are done.

comments {
    disqus {
        src ""
        template disqus.html

    default disqus

When will the comments be enabled?

If you set the comments/default value to disqus, comments will appear on all articles, unless you override the default in the header-section of the article.

comments: no

If you don't set a default commenting system, you can enable Disqus for individual articles by setting:

comments: disqus


On this page I have enabled Disqus, just to show to you how it looks in an article generated by stbl.