Modern blogging

This is an on-going story about my efforts to find a way to create and update my blog in a mobile and insecure world. There was a time when I used complex publishing systems without worrying too much about security. The Internet was a friendlier place then, before Snowdens revelations. Before Intel in its foolishness and arrogance implemented back-doors into all their CPU's.

Before pretty much all governments declared war on privacy and decency and wanted to become Stasi. Before hacking became another legit way of making money. Today it's quite clear that it's impossible to protect a computer from a determined adversary. The best we can do to protect ourselves is to reduce complexity.

That's one of my motivations to revert back to static pages without JavaScript. Simplicity. I like to keep my server as clean and neat as possible. No databases. No back-end page generation. I like to know that people can read my blog with JavaScript turned off - something that greatly improves their security and privacy.

I will post new chapters in this series as time goes by and I learn new lessons.

Articles in this series

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