Jarle Aase

Monthly update, April 2024

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Mysqlpool is lightweight async connection-pool library, built on top of boost.mysql.

I made some general improvements, and moved the exec method to the connection-handle, so that it's simple to use a handle bound to one connection for a series of queries.

I also added transactions, so that if a transaction object goes out of scope before the transaction is committed, it is rolled back automatically.

Three weeks into the month, I released Beta 2 of the library.


Logfault is a simple to use, header only C++ library for application-logging on all major platforms.

Logfault was added to the Conan Center. This should make it even more convenient to use.


Next-app is a GTD application for desktop and mobile.

I spent most of my time iterating over Next-app, while also using it. I replaced WHID with Next-app for my own use, and are now using both Next-app and VikingGTD in parallel to organize my life. I hope to have an early Android version soon so I van retire VikingGTD.

Books completed

- Modern CMake for C++, Rafael Swidzinski. CMake is a beast! It takes some effort to understand how to use it correctly. I have used CMake for a very long time. I still learned lots of new stuff. Recommended.