Jarle Aase

Monthly update, March 2024

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I got CI working with Github Actions under Linux, Windows and MacOS.

I added package management for Conan and vcpkg (to get the dependencies - I have not submitted it yet to either for inclusion).

I also added an example and improved the documentation.

And I added support for TLS. I was afraid this would be painful, but the boost.mysql already support upgrading the connection to TLS - which meant that I could use the same transport class for both TCP and TLS. It's some times a pain with boost.asio and libraries derived from it that TCP and TLS sockets are different types. This means that we must either create wrappers or make anything that use it a template. Not so this time!

By the end of the month, I released the first Beta of the library.


I found some issues with Logfault under Windows that no-one had reported to me. In order to make sure that it works on all major platforms at any time, I added CI using Github Actions and fixed all the issues I could find.

I also opened a PR with Conan to get it included in the Conan Center.


I've had an open issue with a build failure for quite some time for this Socks proxy server. I finally got to fixing it, and added CI with Github Actions to this project as well. That should prevent build issues in the future - or at least make me aware of them immediately.

I finished some improvements I started on a long time ago, and released a new version and a new container image on Docker Hub.

It's a very simple application, but it's surprisingly popular.


I started creating Github Issues for most of the upcoming features and requirements for nextapp. Wow! Plentiful they are.

I implemented auto-repeat of completed actions. I also moved forward with Work Sessions - a feature that implements most of my old friend WHID. This is actually pretty awesome, as it gives the application the responsibility not just to organize what to do and when, but also to track the time spent.

The UI work is moving slowly. QML is anything but intuitive. There are times when I can't find relevant documentation, and Github Copilot is babbling or plain out lying to me. Some times I have to revert to Woodoo programming to get out of a dead-lock. I'm not an expert on QML, and that should not be required in order to make a simple, intuitive business application like nextapp! I have read two books about QT/QML. There is a gab between the absolute minimum required knowledge that trivial books and sample apps cover, to where you need to be to make an actual application. That gap is is painful to traverse.

Books completed

- Learning Github Actions, O'reilly